My dog Zoe is a very michevious dog sometimes she digs where she’s not supossed to. One of my dogs hobbie is killing either possums and birds. One thing that we do together is when we go away somewhere we play fetch on the beach and play with the soccer ball. when we are on the beach she goes for a doggie swim. so that’s my DOG ZOE.

Blogging challenge-3

Activity 5-What is digital citizen ship?

Play this game about digital citizenship. How well did you go? Write a post telling your readers about digital citizenship – what you should do rather than what you shouldn’t do. Maybe you would prefer to create a book, poster or video about digital citizenship. Some web2.0 tools you might use with parental or teacher permission glogster, goanimate, audioboo or flipbook.

with this game you have to figure out if it’s nice to put a website up about someone then right things that arn’t true about them. It gives you questions you have to answer true false don’t know or they give you answers then you write it in. My score overall was 32/100

Activity 3- write a post about your favourite tool to embed on your blog.

Many students mentioned they wanted to know about some more web2.0 tools they could use on their blog. So here is your chance to promote a favourite web2.0 tool. Remember to create a link in your post so your readers can visit the site you are recommending. A new one many students in my class like using is Storybird. Your teacher can create a class account, then when your book has been moderated by your teacher they can embed a story in your blog. Or you can do what Lauren has done and create a post with links to your storybirds.

My favourite tool on my blog would be the animals because you can adopt choose the colour and what you name it it is so cool  and also my other favourite thing would be the lava lamp because you can choose what colour the lava is that’s  why I like those things .


the random weekly thing!

Hey everyone I am starting a new thing called the random weekly thing.

What that is, is I will put up a picture of something random and then you can leave a comment and in that comment I would like you to mention what it is, where you would see it and why do you think I picked that picture and if you get 1 or 2 answers the same as me then you can decide what the next random thing is and also leave your blog adress so I can mention you in the next random thing also if you are the winner then in the comment as well mention the picture you want and tell me the where you would see it and why you picked it .

this weeks random thing is the HOLLYWOOD sign lucky wondering.



Hey everyone

I’m going to not just tell you about my brothers and sister but what it feels like having them around. My brothers are Harlam 7 months, Thomas 4 years and my sister Kate 3 years. It’s really exciting when your parents say your going to be a big sister but then comes the big sister roll, such as when your reading a book you get called to make a bottle or pick them up or play with them, then when thier older and walking or crawling about, then when you come back from talking to your friends on the phone your clothes and shoes are spread around the floor thier into your make up and jewllery is broken then that’s a sign thier gonna be trouble when thier older, then the most annoying thing they could ever do is blame things on you continuasly and when your about to go into town “sis can I come with you” then you say no and they tell mum and she forces you to take them with you.

even though they drive you crazy you love’em to bits:)
so if your got any stories on your brother or sister or if you don’t have a brother or sister but you want one then tell me about it.

TAKE the Quiz if you dare!!!!!

This is a cool quiz you should try it then tell me what colour crayon you were

Hope you enjoy I was red.

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