hey everyone

I absoloutely love glee, my favourite characters are Diana Agron (Quinn) and Naya rivera (Santana) my favourite songs are singin in the rain, river deep mountain high, marry you, bad romance is my absoloute favourite and last of all forget you. Here are my friends comments on glee.

Sophie: Sophie thinks glee is awesome and the only thing she
doesn’t like is SANTANA because she thinks she’s scary!

Lily: Lily thinks it’s alright but she dosen’t like the time it is on because it clashes with something else she’s got on.

Georgie: Georgie thinks it is awesome, prime, cool and lots more

and last of all Bonnie:Bonnie thinks it’s good.

thanks for reading

My holiday!!!!!!!! :)

Hey everyone

I’m going to tell you about my awesome 2 week holiday. First of all it was exciting being at home sleeping in and everything but then it started to become boring, because I had know one to hang out with me and I had started to miss my friends. Now I’m going to tell you about my holiday the fun things and the boring things the fun things were going to the Princess Theatre to watch my friends in dance in competions, being home with my mum and helping her with my baby brother, going to piano lessons and learnig new songs and going to Beauty Point to see a few friends. Th boring things are having to do chores when I want to relax, going to places I don’t want to go, having to babysit my mum’s friend kids and forgot to say playing in the SNOW for having a good time.

thanks for listening

My Weekly Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone

Me again I have had a fabulous week

Monday: on Monday our class had p.e  

Tuesday: we had Library and did all stuff like book ratings

Wednesday: Wednesday we had music and we played the ukeles and learnt some few tricks on how to play

Thursday: today we are in the lab with Mr. Lamb and are writing these posts :)LOL:)

Friday: tomorrow is my b day yay hope I have a good day with my besties.

Thanks for reading sorry it was a bit boring maybe I should say an OK week

My weekly Review:)

Hey Everyone

I’m going to tell you about my week

Monday: We had P.E and we played kicket, which is so fun it’s like cricket but instead of a bat it’s your leg.

Tuesday: We didn’t really do much on Tuesday but after recess we read, the book I’m reading at the moment is called faking sweet I’mborrowing it off a friend.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we had music we play the ukuleles.

Thursday: today we have an assembly which is our last assembly for the term.

Friday:  On Friday we are having a battle of kicket against another class, but it is also pajama and Crazy hair day so I don’t know how I’m going to run in ugg boots I guess I’ll have to bring my runners.

That’s my weekly review:)

Smiggle and a Brand called Ed


Smiggle and a Brand called Ed, you must be thinking why am I doing a post on Smiggle and a Brand called Ed, it’s because nearly everyone at my school loves Smiggle and a Brand called ed. Now Smiggle and a Brand called Ed are stationary like rubbers, pencils, pencil cases, notebooks, usbs and other cool stuff. They also come in handy every now and again. 

Now what I would like to know is there any other brands out there in the world now if you know please tell me.


Hey guys

It’s Edina here and in class we have been doing a homework task on earthquakes. My earthquake that I did was the Japan earthquake 1945 in Mikawa Bay. Did you know that it happened during world war 2, and there was a huge death toll. If any of you guys have been doing a project in class I’d love to hear about it.

From Edina

Fake Names :)

Hey Everyone

My friends and I have names that we call each other which are: bobbie Lily, Millie Edina, Katie Bonnie, Mollie Alex, Abbie Georgie, Ellie Darcy,Lucie Jacinda, Kiesha Rubie, Billie gabi, jamie Meg and Charlie Sophie.  If you notice they all end in ie. We all started calling each other these names when Gabi called Sophie Charlie.

If you have any names that your friends call you then tell me.